How to Select a Lawn Care Company

If you have a lawn that needs good maintenance, you should hire Tree Service. Lawn care companies are responsible for caring for a variety of different lawns and landscapes. Some of the properties they care for can be residential ones, while others might be for the business owner’s patio or driveway. These arborists also do landscape maintenance, which involves repairing vandals’ damage or simply adding more beautiful features to the lawn.

lawn care company

Most lawn care companies offer various services to cater to your needs. The main focus of the business is often to properly mow lawns, trim trees, and prune bushes. In order to do effective lawn care, the business has to be appropriately licensed in their respective state to apply certain pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides.

Another service offered is landscape designing. Landscaping is not a cheap venture, though. There are many services that are often included in the landscape design. These include planting trees, adding water features, edging your yard, mulching, and many other important landscaping techniques. Therefore, you will need to choose a lawn care company that offers many services to fit your individual needs.

With landscape design, you want to choose a company that will not only design your yard for aesthetic purposes, but functional ones as well. For instance, some landscape designers will install walkways and add lighting to your yard. Others will install turf for your yard and will also add mulch and sod to the area. If you have a large amount of property, you will likely want a company that offers both maintenance and landscape design. Otherwise, you may end up with an uneven and bumpy yard.

A good lawn care company will ask you several important questions before installing any turf or flowers in your yard. These questions will determine what kinds of grasses you should get, how fast they grow, their height, and other important things. For instance, if you have light-colored grasses, you will probably want to get a darker grass, such as rye, St. Augustine, Kentucky Blue, Queen Anne, and Bermuda.

Besides determining what grasses get, some lawn maintenance companies will ask you about your soil. This information is especially important if you live in a dry climate. In dry climates, the soil needs to be enriched with nutrients. Some of the most important questions a lawn-care company will ask you include: what kind of fertilizer do you currently use, what kind of soil does your soil have, if you have any rocks in your yard, if you are using natural grass or artificial turf, if you have any erosion issues, if you have any pests, if your grass has ever had any chemicals sprayed on it, if you have children or pets, what part of the country do you live in, etc. These are all important questions, so take your time to think about them.

Artificial turf and fertilizer companies may also ask you about the frequency of fertilization. Fertilizer must be applied on an ongoing basis. Different amounts of fertilizer may be required depending on the lawn’s condition. Some lawn care services may even require that you apply herbicide at least once each year. Most companies need you to apply at least one kind of herbicide or pesticide at least once a year.

Lawn care service providers are not obligated to tell you whether or not they will fix your leaking roof or make necessary repairs to a shingled roof. You will have to ask for them to evaluate the situation and see what they feel is best for your property. You may be surprised if a lawn-care company evaluates your situation and tells you that they cannot fix the problem because it will take too long or cost too much.