Parking Lot Lighting Installation For Your Business

Having parking lot lighting installation professionals handle your lighting needs can be a great idea. Here’s what they entail:

parking lot lighting installation

Regular on-site parking lot lighting repairs. Emergency first-aid kits. Professional electricians use tools to fix things like outages, which can be dangerous. They also have tools to help them install light poles and fixtures and electrical repairs in the case of power outages. Maintenance services include weekly on-site inspections for the electrical wires running to each light fixture. Visit Website for more information. 

Regular on-site inspections for the electrical connections to all lights in your parking lot lighting installation. A qualified electrician makes sure these connections are strong and secure. He also checks to make sure no live wire is running where it can cause a risk of electrocution. Electricians also inspect the outlet boxes to make sure the wiring is properly connected. The boxes must be unplugged and removed from the electrical panel before any electrical work is done.

Most installations will only last one or two years, so it’s important to choose a reliable company for your parking lot lighting installation. Some companies specialize in lighting for business garages and industrial buildings and can do more elaborate installations. Look for an installer who has experience installing post and pole lighting, as well as special outdoor lighting installations, like rope lights, scoops, and arbors. Some electricians will also do installations under homes. If the installation is to a limited area, such as a home basement, electricians may also be able to do installations under the carport or shed.

Ask for a detailed proposal for any parking lot lighting installation you want, and look over the proposed installation with the potential installer. It’s always a good idea to have some references that can verify the quality of work the contractor is offering. Also be sure that you get an estimate over the phone rather than having the lights delivered, because some companies charge an “estimate” only after the lights are installed.

Before making your final decision on which company to use for your parking lot lighting installation, you’ll need to figure out whether you want a new lighting system or a re-lighting of your existing lighting system. A new system can increase the value of your property by improving visibility and safety for both drivers and people walking or operating machinery on your property. You’ll also need to determine what fixtures you’d like in your new parking garage, and whether or not they’re going to conflict with existing fixtures. This is especially important for commercial garages, because adding lights to an already busy parking garage can be distracting to drivers.

Once you’ve decided on the type of lighting system and the type of fixtures you’d like, you should talk to a qualified electric contractor who is experienced in doing commercial parking lot lighting installations. Your initial free estimate should help you make the hiring decision. The electric contractor will tell you how much current your existing electrical system can handle and help you find the right size fixtures for your needs. He or she will also evaluate the wiring of your building so that you don’t end up with any safety hazards. Once your electrical contractor is done evaluating the job, then it’s time for you to hand over the reigns to him or her.

Once you’ve signed a contract with an electrician, it’s time to start preparing for the installation. One of the first things he or she will do is run some wiring through the buildings walls. This ensures that all of your lighting needs are met and prevents unexpected power outages due to improper wiring. Another thing that needs to be done is the installation of new light fixtures. Remember that your parking lot lights need to be installed securely, so the electrician will usually put tape over the lights to keep them from being accidentally pulled down or pushed against each other. He or she will also usually adjust the lights to make sure they’re at an even height, so you won’t have any problem seeing when approaching your vehicle from either side.